More Unlocked Achievements

This morning around 2, I unlocked the “Windsor Knot From Internet Diagram When Husband Is Out-Of-Town And TeenBot Has Uniform Day For JROTC” achievement. This also gets points for solving the “Pissed-Off Teen So Frustrated He Rejects Help From Older Brother And Won’t Sleep” challenge and the “Anxious Tween Girl Can’t Sleep When Older Brothers Sound Angry” challenge. This and the “Successful Tween Sleepover” achievements should help me make up the lost points from when we had to take away Podrostok‘s phone and ground him for Reasons.

Today’s quest is multiple medical appointments in multiple states plus completing USAJOBS application for HR job that would be less than two miles from where we live plus completing load of delicate laundry that has to be hung up exactly as it comes out of dryer almost dry so it won’t wrinkle and I can wear it to work. I lose points on this quest for using annual leave and burning inordinate amounts of gasoline, but it helps me in trying to unlock the “Teen Orthodontia Complete,” “Chronic Pain Management,” “Work-Life Balance,” and “Professional Satisfaction” achievements.