Economy Act

Last week I took a course at Graduate School USA, the venerable training institution formerly known as the USDA Graduate School. I learned a lot about the subject matter of the three-day course (“Non-Defense Working Capital Funds,” or the financial management basics of administering USG activities that are supposed to run off of earned revenue instead of base budgets). I liked the instructor. I liked the location. But I really did not like the text-bound materials or the relative lack of computer access compared to Management Concepts. I also missed the free coffee, danish, and soft drinks provided by same. C’mon, Grad School USA, up your game.



The Lessons Of The Day


Boating School – er, I mean, Procurement School – ends in two more days. I have learned many things.

1. There are three things that adult learners of dissimilar experience and intellectual skills should never have to do together in groups: math, test review, and operating macros in linked Excel spreadsheets. Guess what I’ve been doing for the past eight work days?

2. I’m better at math than I remember. True, no one is asking me to do anything more advanced than high school geometry and algebra, but I finally under stand the point of y equaling mx+b. That only took 30 years.

3. Google Feud is a thing. I can’t stop playing.

4. Found stray bag of summer clothes that fit in basement today. Yay!

Voyage of Learning

This morning I embarked on my first live-action procurement class. It’s two weeks long. The instructor is much livelier than Procurement Woman and Procurement Man, plus the school has a nice break room with generous refreshments. (Someday a bureaucrat blogger will review the private sector purveyors of training to federal employees and their amenities. Input welcome in the comments.)

Life lesson of the day: sweat and sunscreen can really highlight lady whiskers. Second life lesson of the day: olive oil really soothes the delicate skin of the upper lip and chin post-waxing. Much better than the awful chemical they package with the little Sally Hansen facial waxing kits.