Distractions Continue

My work trip to Dallas has been excellent so far. I got in a couple days’ worth of happy fun time to start, which was an incredible mood boost. My hotel is charming and old-fashioned, combining the fragrance of old wood under multiple coats of paint with a spring breeze smell. It evokes memories of traveling the world in my 20s. That illusion of youth must account for my extreme emotional volatility today. I started the day almost giddy, but now it’s raining and grey. I’m tired and I want a cigarette. I won’t have one, though. I’m gonna eat some bon-bons and look pensively out the window* instead. Take that, world!

* Actually going to do stuff for work on computer until the next event on my schedule. I will not actually stare out the window, but I will sigh and scowl a lot. Chocolate bon-bons will be consumed.