Victory Screech

The bad news: I wound up spending $24 of Pa Protosaur’s money and $15 of mine buying a domain and a dedicated IP address I didn’t need. The good news: I finally got Pa Protosaur’s web content uploaded to his new site management doodad. Plus I finished painting the trim in the basement stairwell. So the day feels like an overall success.

In unrelated news, have now listened to the Broadway cast recording of “Hadestown” about 20 times. Mouse turned me on to the off-Broadway cast recording of it about three months ago. I had a similar experience with Mouse turning me on to “Hamilton” when Hamil-mania was first sweeping the nation. But my brief “Hamilton” obsession was not unlike the time I read The Bridges of Madison County and sobbed over it only to reread it a year later and recoil in horror and embarrassment that I had been so taken in by such a crappy story.* I have more faith in “Hadestown,” largely because the music is better and there’s no annoying historical record of real people and events to judge it against.

*Not that I don’t still occasionally get in my car and jamilton my way to wherever I’m going, however.


Thank you please give me a moment

Rizwan K is trying to help me upload the contents of Pa Protosaur’s website to his host company’s new site management platform. Pa Protosaur was a nuclear engineer back in the day and and early adopter of personal computers. He taught himself HTML in the early 2000s when he set up the website. But he is still kind of scared of the internets, so he has delegated all of the icky dealing-with-hosting-companies and figuring-out-stuff-that-you-can’t-do-over-AOL to me.

It seems that FTP was a lot easier in 2003 or whenever the last time was that I tried moving crap-tons of files from one host to another. It is also possible that more of my brain has calcified. In any event, I am chatting with Rizwan to figure out why my instruction-following skills are failing to result in successful site migration. I will probably be yelling 530 LOGIN INCORRECT in my sleep tonight. (Doubtless this will be less disturbing than my performance Friday morning, when I woke Dino Spouse by repeatedly shouting “I’m BAD! I’m BAD!” in what was left of my sleep.)

Timing Is Everything

The Protosaurs arrived Friday night. Their visit has gone pretty well. The Dino menfolk (Spouse and sons) wen shooting with Pa Protosaur to the testosterone-laiden delight of all. (Much appreciation to the nice people at Sharpshooters in Springfield; there is significant speculation as to Dino Spouse’s true identity in light of his success hitting targets.)  Pa Protosaur has effectively galvanized the kids as working party on the projects I gave him, with only limited grumbling.

(Note to any sad soul searching this blog for marital tips: make sure your father only undertakes home-improvement activities involving the kids when their father is out of the house; alternatively, never let dudes who’ve been at the shooting range undertake domestic labor immediately thereafter without adult supervision.)

Pro Tip

Answering all political commentary from one’s visiting parents with “Property is theft” is a great conversation stopper. I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me ages ago. The Protosaurs have returned their grandsons to us after a 10-day visit. They are now regaining consciousness in my living room (the grandparents, not the boys), and I have retreated to the basement to work on my latest writing commission.

(I do performance appraisal narrative drafts for people who hate touting their own accomplishments. I do this for free on the inside* all the time, and now word of mouth has brought me my first paying client for this service. Make that my first repeat paying client for the service, since this is the second time I’ve done work for her.)

(You know what works great for paid writing gigs? Getting the hell off of WordPress and drafting the paid work instead of blogging about it to the brave souls who still look here vainly for posts. If any of you other than spambots are actually going to the site and reading instead of waiting for posts to pop up in your RSS feeds or e-mail, I’m betting that none of you are coming here looking for my efforts at self-promotion.)

*By which I mean coworkers and friends within my workplace. Check out the disclaimers for more details.

Leprechaun Tractor

I like the Metta World News Segments in the Key and Peele Show. Non sequitors rule. The title of this post is a phrase I thought I heard someone use yesterday. Mondegreens also rule.

Leaving this afternoon for a few days of  not being anywhere near my workplace  visiting my parents and brother, aka the Protosaurs, in Florida and retrieving Mouse from her two-week stay there. I can already feel the muscles in my shoulders and neck starting to unclench.