Meanwhile, Chez Dinosaurov

We’re fine. Dino Spouse and I have been teleworking since mid-March. So has Soldatik, now a (God help us) second-generation bureaucrat in South Carolina. Bot returned from the forests he was conserving in California in time to socially isolate en famille. Mouse endured distance learning for the remainder of their junior year in high school and is dreading a summer at home without sleep-away camps. The dog is apparently dying (we took him to the vet for a cough and they found a big tumor in his rectum) but so far does not seem unhappy except when he contemplates climbing hardwood stairs.

I am avoiding both my homework (Developmental Psychology this semester) and my job application package (for myself rather than a paying client). I am avoiding them so hard that I succumbed to an urge to blog about it, FFS, and then lost several minutes trying to remember my user name and then updating one of the blurb-y bits. This bodes ill for my general productivity, but the day is young still.


Customer Satisfaction

Tonight Podrostok is completing his first job application ever. This is a momentous event.

When I applied for my first job I was also 16 and a junior in high school. That was 28 years ago. The process involved walking around the mall and completing job applications in person. I wound up selling shoes. It was the only shoe store that had shoes in my size, so the employee discount came in really handy.

(Come to think of it, I recently dreamed that I had taken a part-time job at another location of that store as an adult but forgotten to show up for a bunch of shifts. It was not a pleasant dream.)

Podrostok did his application online from the comfy chair with his siblings and me listening to him read aloud each of the 96 questions on their “can you add and not steal stuff” questionnaire. The organization appears to take workplace safety very seriously.