Jonas Diary, Day 4

We have reached the car, but we have yet to try driving given the 23″ of snow remaining in the road. On Sunday morning, I did some digging in the direction of the car, cleared a path to the garbage and recycling bins, and dug out around the heat pump. As much as I complain about my landlord’s interior maintenance, I have to admit that they do a good job of making the outside look good. The pathway that Mouse and TeenBot fought to create on Saturday was pristine sidewalk when I went outside the next day.

Dino Spouse walked the mile or so from his mother’s place to home yesterday afternoon, leaving his own car for better times. He and Mouse finished the path to my car and painstakingly cleared snow from the sides and front of it. (Mouse has doubtless absorbed my admonitions about the evils of the automotive snowhawk, but at 5’6″ she’s still not of a height or strength to get the snow off the top of the car without something lighter than a snow shovel. I’ll discreetly tend to this myself before moving the car.)

Now I feel safe saying it: the cable and internet connection stayed functional during the blizzard. Thank God. My only disappointment was the way we kept losing sound in the On Demand programs, which led to lots of bingeus interruptus when I tried to catch up on “Into The Badlands” and “War and Peace.” My disappointment on the latter score was even greater when I discovered that no one was showing episode three of “War and Peace” during prime time last night. Worse, the moral effort of sharing the television during the search for same so exhausted Dino Spouse that I lost all desire to watch “Mercy Street,” even though I think it was streaming on PBS’s website in addition to the TV broadcast.



Jonas Diary, Day 2

TeenBot and Mouse have both shoveled snow, but neither has reached the car. I could probably make a small-ish snowman from the snow they’ve tracked into the house. It doesn’t help that they keep bringing the shovel in with them, but Dino Spouse pointed out on the eve of the storm that someone might steal the shovel if we leave it outside. No one wants to be the one who loses the family shovel while Daddy is gone. (Dino Spouse is riding out the blizzard with Babushka in case she loses electricity, because Babushka.)

Out of things I want to read and accruing library fines. I go back and forth between household chores and trying to watch cable on demand programming. I will not jinx my cable provider’s performance by commenting further. I watched almost all of “Into The Badlands” and the first part of the new BBC “War and Peace” on TV before giving up. I may try it online later, but this presupposes the continuing availability of internet and electricity. The lights did just flicker.