New Achievements

Today I will attempt to unlock the Parking On College Campus During A Weekday achievement. I missed a test during my travels, so I am taking this afternoon off to take the make-up test. Since I never missed tests or owned a car in college, these are both novel experiences. Then I will come home, make dinner for the Dino Brood, and return to the lab for tonight’s thrilling installment of Biology 101.

It dawned on me last week that I would care a great deal less about finding a meaningful professional purpose in life if I were happier as a person. That being said, I’m still geeking out on cells or whatever it is I’m learning about this week. I guess the main thing I have to try and remember is that it’s not a zero-sum game. Maybe I could be happierĀ and change careers.

Or I could be late for my test. Oops. Bye.