Where’s Dinosaur Mom?

Dinosaur Mom Chronicles is a personal blog I started in 2004. My oldest kid announced when he was five that he wanted to be a dinosaur when he grew up, hence the name of the blog. My tagline there is “I set out to be Anais Nin and turned into Mrs Dalloway.”  It was my preferred venue for venting, polemic, and exploring imaginary career paths (pundit, hetaera, farmer, doctor, society hostess) for almost a decade. It’s very personally focused because everybody wants to comment about The Universal. The only claim I can stake to original thought is writing from personal experience and observation. That’s the same approach I mean to take with this new blog.

Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones via WiffleGif
Dragons, dinosaurs, kakaya raznitsa?

My oldest is now 20 and his nom de blog, formerly Podrostok (Russian for “adolescent”) is now Soldatik in recognition of his adult dignity as an enlisted soldier with the U.S. Army. His younger brother, 18, is Tweenbot Teenbot. Their younger sibling, 15, is Mouse. I have a Russian husband (Dino Spouse) of 20 years and an estranged Russian mother-in-law (Baba orBabushka) who lived with us for 13 years. I refer to my parents and siblings as the Protosaurs. Nothing I say here represents any of their views, at least not fairly or accurately.

I did sometimes accept money to promote products and services on Dinosaur Mom Chronicles, but usually I did it on the basis of personal whim. Check out my disclaimers for more information.