Bureaucromancy for me is the alchemy of what makes large organizations, government and private-sector, function. The term “bureaucromancy” comes from a 2005 article in The Onion.

Emma Thompson as an instructor at Hogwarts
If Hogwarts had an MPA program, I’d be all over it.

My main professional strengths are in writing, structuring organizations, and figuring out how to fit square pegs into round holes to the satisfaction of most. (Federal managers seldom have the opportunity to start fresh with customized pegs, so this is a more important skill set than it might at first appear.) During my 28 years of federal service in Washington and overseas, I have supervised professionals in the fields of project management, human resources, general services, grants, procurement, and – most recently – foreign language translation and localization. 

  • I am not actively seeking employment (unless you represent a federal agency with senior-level GS vacancies in the Midwest or Colorado, in which case I am totally seeking employment).

Direct access to my weird powers is subject to federal ethics regulations and many, many disclaimers.