Shotguns and Story Time

I read a really good book today and shot a shotgun 24 times. It was a good day.

(Oh, wait! Talking of books reminds me that Already Read Books in Alexandria is in danger of losing its lease. This would be awful news. I mean, it’s a well-stocked used bookstore with cats. And quirky owners. In a weird little house off of Duke Street. If you like weird, books, and cats, support this store now before it’s too late!)

Tweenbot and I went to the Bull Run Shooting Center this afternoon to learn how to shoot shotguns and check out the facility. We got shooting lessons for $35 each and then took another crack at shooting targets for an additional $22 (the gun rental was included in our training). The main takeaway for me from this experience was that, 29 years after getting smacked between the eyes by a softball I was trying to catch from a pitching machine, I still have the same depth perception and hand-eye coordination I did as a 14 year-old. I fired 24 shots and hit my target (a clay disc launched from a pitching machine) all of one time. Tweenbot, by contrast, appears to have inherited accurate aim from Pa Protosaur (aka my father) and/or Dino Spouse. He was hitting at the same rate as experienced shooters.

The other cool thing I did today was read During The Reign Of The Queen Of Persia, which proved to be unexpectedly awesome. I have been passing it up on the New Fiction shelves at Alexandria City Library for several weeks now but finally decided to give it a try on the strength of its imprint. New York Review Books Classics, how you satisfy my snobbish heart!

Look Upon Procurement Man

Image of the guide to my online contracting class


Procurement Man is the star of CON 100, the first of many classes I will complete online and in person to obtain my contracting warrant. I have been spending lots of quality time with him between office tasks and in my vast amounts of spare time. Just wanted to share.

I hope someday that Procurement Man gets his own video game spinoff.

Movie Fone

Mouse and I went to the movies last night. She lured me into reading Divergent and one of the two sequels and I totally got sucked in.

We were the only people in the theater for the 7:15 PM showing of “Divergent” at the AMC Hoffman. This came in handy once – about 30 minutes in – we realized that we weren’t completely satisfied with the film adaptation of the novel. Mouse started with occasional outbursts of indignation at lapses in continuity and stupid dialogue. Pretty soon we were laughing aloud. When we got to the umpteenth scene where what happened in the book morphed inexplicably into the hot guy saving the heroine on screen, she dashed her empty beverage cup to the floor and became running laps around the theater to keep from walking out.

Best things about the movie: Ashley Judd as the mom, Kate Winslet as the villainess, the overall set, the scenes of all the Dauntless running and jumping, and the casting for the role of Christina (Zoe Kravitz as the heroine’s bestie). Everything else was better in my imagination. I will read the next book in the series once the library serves it up, but I am not paying money to watch another one of these movies. I hated it almost as much as I hated “Titanic” and “Cool World.”

(Staying up past my bedtime for no good reason and watching “Good Hair” as I blog.  This feels like watching “Roger and Me” back in the day. I want to live in a world where Chris Rock releases a new documentary every year.)

Someone Please Develop This

Dear World:

Please develop an internet doo-dad that I can put my grocery list into and get a breakdown of where it is most cost-efficient to purchase each item within a 10-mile radius of my house. If you develop one that will then divide it into pick-up orders from Giant and Harris Teeter, that would be even cooler. I was about to say I’d pay money for a service like that, but then it occurred to me that y’all should be paying me for this great idea. So never mind.


Salary Mom

The Dinosaurov family runs on Harris Teeter (and occasionally Giant) grocery pick-up. Whatever we lose in not getting the cheapest prices on foodstuffs in a given week, we recoup it on the fact that I am not physically wandering the aisles of our local grocery store at 6:30 PM on an empty stomach.

Safeway is seriously missing out by not adopting this model. We love Safeway, but I do not love the whole business of having to place orders two days in advance and order more than $50 worth of stuff at a time.

Speaking of which, it is time to place the HT grocery order so I can get on with my day.