Plugged Back In To Matrix

Never have I so jonesed for a smart phone as I did for my refurbished iPhone 5s after the Blackberry died. Accordingly, my phone was the only one of the four that were mailed to us that couldn’t be left at the doorstep by the mail carrier, and I forgot to take the pick-up slip to work with me the following day, and then I forgot to take the SIM card with me back to the office so I could activate the new phone after my lunch-time sprint to the post office, and then I forgot to bring a paperclip or something similar with me so that I could open the SIM slot and put in the card while I was waiting to pick up TeenBot from his job, and then the lead from the pencil I used to open the slot broke in the phone when I was trying to get the card back out so I could write down its number (the phone refusing to serve up this info until I could offer it wi-fi or a cellular connection to the world). I was in such bad shape that my 16 year-old rightly chastised me for being overly dependent on my smart phone. Happily, I found a paper clip in my car while waiting for my dinner partner to meet me at the Red Lobster last night, and thus I was reconnected to the zeitgeist.

(I trust it will not violate the Hatch Act if I say that I got all weepy listening to the coverage of Hillary Clinton being nominated by the Democratic Party. I genuinely believe I would have felt the same had she been a Republican. I guess it’s like my reaction to reading about women being admitted to combat roles in the military – it just touched a raw spot and made me sob out of nowhere. It feels good to see those doors opening after a lifetime of knowing they were closed.)

Tomorrow I’ll be going to an open house for would-be election officers. The city of Alexandria is offering us “patriotic refreshments.” I assume they don’t mean corn whisky or hard cider, but I’ll go anyway.



Olga Khazan’s GovExec piece “Not All Good Leaders Are Bossy” is perfectly reasonable. I don’t like bosses who are bossy in the sense of overbearing and directive when there’s no call for it. I get how the label “bossy” is disproportionately applied to women who are simply attempting to do their jobs as actual bosses. I may even decide to stop calling my daughter Miss Bossypants when she makes me get out of bed in the morning.

But why’s it gotta be topped with that picture of Sheryl Sandberg? I just reread 1984, so maybe that’s why the picture of la Sandberg exhorting the masses to lean in looked like the prologue to a Two Minutes Hate. Which idealized, benevolent leader-face should play the role of Big Brother? Nominations welcome.