Jonas Diary, Day 2

TeenBot and Mouse have both shoveled snow, but neither has reached the car. I could probably make a small-ish snowman from the snow they’ve tracked into the house. It doesn’t help that they keep bringing the shovel in with them, but Dino Spouse pointed out on the eve of the storm that someone might steal the shovel if we leave it outside. No one wants to be the one who loses the family shovel while Daddy is gone. (Dino Spouse is riding out the blizzard with Babushka in case she loses electricity, because Babushka.)

Out of things I want to read and accruing library fines. I go back and forth between household chores and trying to watch cable on demand programming. I will not jinx my cable provider’s performance by commenting further. I watched almost all of “Into The Badlands” and the first part of the new BBC “War and Peace” on TV before giving up. I may try it online later, but this presupposes the continuing availability of internet and electricity. The lights did just flicker.


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