Duelling Scar

In my dreams, I often resort to violence and screaming. Literally. Dino Spouse wakes me at least twice a month, often more, as I begin shrieking or furiously kicking and punching him in my sleep. I frequently reflect on how fortunate it is for me that Dino Spouse, an amateur heavyweight boxer, is not the one with the predilection for fighting in his sleep.

On Tuesday night, I dreamed that I was being pursued and leapt over a fence. Somehow this involved me engaging my nightstand in single combat. It won, so I have a lovely black eye.


A Tree Grows In Alexandria

Last week we went to South Carolina for Podrostok‘s graduation from Army Basic Training. While we were away, Red Brick Town reported the appalling news that someone had chopped down the West End’s signature evergreen tree.

It was growing out of a WALL in traffic! People decorated it! It was awesome! (Photo poached from Red Brick Town.)

By the time we got back and saw Mouse in the Frances C. Hammond Middle School production of “A Christmas Carol” December 3-4, someone had posted a sign reading “NOT COOL, BRO” where the proud tree once grew. Soon a shrine grew around the poster. In response to public outcry over the city’s decision to chop down and remove the tree, the city government and the owner of the nearby Landmark Mall planted a new tree across the street. The city issued a Dr. Seuss-inspired statement on its Facebook page. The new tree is already being decorated. I’m still mourning the old tree, though I do appreciate the references to “Who-fficials” and “Who-reaucrats” in the city’s statement.