This Month

I spent most of October developing new bureaucratic processes and redeveloping them when they didn’t work the first time. I suspect I will spend November similarly. In the universe of bureaucratic labor as game play* I default to the role of the person who gets sent off to find the box that the game came in (or the Scrabble dictionary or the freakin Hoyle) and then reconcile what it says with the host of the party. (In real life, I default to the role of the person who hangs out in a corner in intense conversation or dies of boredom waiting for the game to be over. I’m not sure who runs the controls of the KateBot during the work day, but I promise you as taxpayers that she’s much more sensible than I am.)

*It’s a David Graeber metaphor. No disrespect intended to my livelihood or my fellow taxpayers.


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