Maternal Circuit Overload

Odd, isn’t it? I can contemplate Podrostok‘s impending enlistment (your US Army, ladies and gentlemen) with complete equanimity. I got through his high school graduation without shredding a tear or even misting up. He turned 18 recently and I was totally calm. But the sight of the SF-1199 (a venerable federal government direct deposit form, for non-initiates) struck a chill into my heart when it appeared on our kitchen table after his induction. Now the act of opening savings and checking accounts for him online feels like farewell, the kind you know will hurt for a long time but in the moment you only want to throw up and your mouth won’t sit right. My little boy is an adult and he’s leaving soon.

I guess I’ll go clean something now.


These Are Quiet Times

They’re quiet times for me, anyway. Podrostok goes to basic training at the end of September. I took more procurement training and visited Denver for work. (That reminds me, I need to add Colorado to my list of places where I am seeking employment.) The younger kids, having completed their annual visits to the Protosaurs in Florida, are doing a whole lot of nothing for the rest of the summer.

I have arguments in my head with people I don’t know on the Internet, but I don’t write them down.