Your Class of 2015

Podrostok graduated from high school today. His graduating class was huge (around 650 kids) but the ceremony was really quite nice. They managed to get all those kids across the stage and have the band and choir do their things and let all the usual suspects say a few words in under 150 minutes. Someone should put the school administration team in charge of the Academy Awards. My lone complaint is that they mispronounced my poor baby’s name when it was finally his turn to walk across the stage. Probably other names were mangled as well, given that the other 649 kids come from all over the world, but his was the only one that got conspicuously butchered.

Podrostok and Mouse and I all got haircuts Friday night. They look awesome. I look like the kind of person who calls the cops to complain about skateboarders.



The Lessons Of The Day


Boating School – er, I mean, Procurement School – ends in two more days. I have learned many things.

1. There are three things that adult learners of dissimilar experience and intellectual skills should never have to do together in groups: math, test review, and operating macros in linked Excel spreadsheets. Guess what I’ve been doing for the past eight work days?

2. I’m better at math than I remember. True, no one is asking me to do anything more advanced than high school geometry and algebra, but I finally under stand the point of y equaling mx+b. That only took 30 years.

3. Google Feud is a thing. I can’t stop playing.

4. Found stray bag of summer clothes that fit in basement today. Yay!

Voyage of Learning

This morning I embarked on my first live-action procurement class. It’s two weeks long. The instructor is much livelier than Procurement Woman and Procurement Man, plus the school has a nice break room with generous refreshments. (Someday a bureaucrat blogger will review the private sector purveyors of training to federal employees and their amenities. Input welcome in the comments.)

Life lesson of the day: sweat and sunscreen can really highlight lady whiskers. Second life lesson of the day: olive oil really soothes the delicate skin of the upper lip and chin post-waxing. Much better than the awful chemical they package with the little Sally Hansen facial waxing kits.