Pretty Winter Novel And Things

Just finished reading Pavanne for a Dead Princess by Park Min-Gyu. It was a perfect confection of winter and hopeless love, plus Korea. I have a total bro crush on Korea right now thanks to Dino Spouse’s obsession with Korean cinema. Netflix, you give us so much! Anyway, the Fairfax County Library offered up two Korean novels in translation when I visited the Annandale branch last week. The other one I read was fine but this one was – wow. I also checked out a book on etiquette or culture or maybe both written for foreign-raised ethnic Korean youths who don’t read Korean. It promises to be fascinating.

Week one of biology class was fine except that no one told us the first lab session of class wouldn’t start on the date in the schedule. The instructor seems smart and personable, and he obvious knows English well, but his speech pattern is rather odd. I had to wait for my mental closed captioning system to decode his sentences so I could understand him. Next lecture is tomorrow and lab is on Tuesday.

The cat and I are battling it out over ownership of the couch. She peed on a throw pillow a couple of days ago and I have been baptizing the couch cushions and upholstery with cat pee stank remover ever since. Now everything in my nose smells like a blend of dryer sheet and cat pee. BAD KITTY.


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